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Can I increase my vitamin D intake with eggs?

The other day, I went down a rabbit hole trying to find out if there were any differences between brown and white eggs. They are laid by different types of chickens and traditionally the hens that laid brown eggs were bigger and therefore cost more to feed, hence the price difference that got passed to … Continue reading


In a winter city like Edmonton vitamin D is an issue. It turns out that free range hens, who get access to the outdoors, lay eggs that have more vitamin D. Learn more on my blog
Ever wonder what the impact is when companies try to make themselves look better by supporting social values like a clean environment? Turns out it may do more harm than good for those causes. Read more on my blog (link in profile)
Today's post considers how we can make connections between different areas of study to address the complexity of the challenges we face.
In honour of Earth Day (and the fact that I'm done teaching for a week) I mused about how the individualistic focus of sustainability may be impacting our ability to achieve success. Check the sustainability posts link in my bio.
When kids learn about marine pollution and create community engagement opportunities, the adults learn about marine pollution and show increased support for related policies. This is despite not knowing the kids. It also looks like kids can reduce partisan divides. Lots of implications for sustainability but perhaps also for areas like health and vaccine uptake? Learn more on my blog.
Honestly, I couldn't think of a photo that applied so here's one of my cats. But back to the topic. Some fascinating research indicates that we are more inclined to add things in order to solve problems or challenges but this has all sorts of implications for things like course design in education and for sustainability. Read more on my blog (#linkinbio )

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