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A grey fat bike with green cranks leans against a park bench overlooking a snow covered river valley. A sunset fades in the background


  • Climate change impacts male and female arctic ground squirrels differently
    As we wrap up one of the warmest May’s where I live on record it’s hard not to think about climate change and its impacts. The challenge is a lot of the natural changes are really difficult to notice without data recorded over a long time period. Getting funding for these types of projects can … Continue reading
  • Conservation Basic Income
    I’ve investigated universal basic income a bit. This is the idea that everyone gets a basic income regardless of where they work or how much they work. There are probably as many critics as there are supporters. I enjoyed this episode of Poverty Unpacked which discusses the concept and two different use cases. And this … Continue reading
A columbian ground squirrel with a grey speckled back and a beige front stands upright in green grass


Education and Learning

  • Changing systems results in bigger benefits
    I’m currently listening to E. F. Schumacher’s book Small is Beautiful: A study of Economics as if People Mattered. It’s a collection of essays published in 1973. In it, he talks a lot about how investing in smaller, perhaps even less modern technologies and policies can be better in many communities because they require less … Continue reading
  • Feedforward?
    Failing forward has become a more common term in business settings. It is used to convey a situation where failure is seen as a learning opportunity that helps achieve success. As an educator, I’ve advocated for something similar for a number of years. I believe that failing or falling is part of learning. Unfortunately, at … Continue reading


  • Wear a helmet and do up the straps
    One of the things I have noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic is that there have been more people out biking and scootering. But with an increase in people there is also an increase in people not wearing helmets or not wearing them properly. Unfortunately, the natural consequences on this one can be devastating. Troy (2022) … Continue reading
  • Culture matters when it comes to winter cycling
    I was talking with someone recently who said that all on road bike lanes should only exist for the non-winter months. It doesn’t make sense, in their opinion, to block part of a road off when so few people cycle. The problem is that even fewer people will cycle if there is no infrastructure, so … Continue reading

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