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To add or subtract, that is the question

A common excuse in education for not using active learning strategies in a course is that there isn’t enough time because of the amount of content that needs to be covered. This never sits well with me. I fully admit that I can’t cover everything and l make tradeoffs if I want to include something … Continue reading


Honestly, I couldn't think of a photo that applied so here's one of my cats. But back to the topic. Some fascinating research indicates that we are more inclined to add things in order to solve problems or challenges but this has all sorts of implications for things like course design in education and for sustainability. Read more on my blog (#linkinbio )
It looks like masks (and sunglasses) can help reduce allergies. This is a definite keeper.
I'm creating a project for my new sustainability course in the fall that will include a community project and hopefully partners. As a result I'm checking out what else has been done and discovered this cool design competition in an MBA program that looks at making sustainability improvements to existing buildings, specifically the buildings the students are studying in. It's pretty cool. Check it out on my blog.
Spinach is pretty high in oxalate which binds to calcium. For people who are prone to kidney stones they may be directed to avoid sources of oxalate but I can probably keep this new habit without any negative health impacts
I know that seeing nature outside a window can have benefits, but what about seeing nature through virtual reality? In this week's post I look at a study that compared real vs simulated nature environments and ponder the dystopian places that this research could lead (link in profile)
Supposedly you can measure the length of a microwave by microwaving marshmallows and then measuring the distance between the melted spots. I found it really hard to tell when they just started to melt so I had a tough time figuring out where to measure. But the end product was tasty

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