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We could save 50,000 lives and $600 billion a year

You read that right, and no this is no get rich quick scheme. Air pollution from energy related industries in the US contributes to heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and respiratory illness. Medical treatment of these conditions costs $600 billion annually and the conditions contribute to the deaths of 50,000 people. Mailloux et al (2022) … Continue reading


50,000 lives and $600 billion in the US. These are some of the costs of air pollution. That seems like it should motivate change but will it? Read more on my blog, link in bio
I benefit from spending time in nature but is this really universal? The research isn't as clear as we might hope, thanks to a bias in where the research is done and who is included. Read more on my blog.
During extreme cold weather there may be benefits to the excessive heat that is captured by the built environment and lost by buildings. Check out the full post on my blog
It's giving Tuesday, so it's time to look at some of the scientific benefits of gift giving. One of the biggest ones is reducing heart rate and blood pressure. Oh, and don't underestimate the power of an unexpected gift. Learn more by reading my blog (link in bio)
Some new research shows the best strategies for countries based on whether the import most of their fossil fuel needs or are low or high exporters of fossil fuels. The bottom line in all cases is that decarbonization isn't optional, it's just the speed that the transition will change. Read the full summary on my blog (#linkinbio)
Without knowing the thought processes and prior research that got someone to ask a specific question, some of the research that happens just seems super cool and random. Having never worked with ultrasound or batteries it seems incredible that someone asked whether ultrasound could make it more efficient and less damaging to the environment to extract metals from old batteries but that is exactly what this post is about. Just more evidence to me why more minds and more diversity is always better. Check out the full post on my blog #linkinbio

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