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Which athletes do you know?

I can name several current athletes competing for Canada and other countries at the Tokyo Olympics. I can’t, despite my support for and interest in, name any athletes who will be competing in the Tokyo Paralympics. This probably isn’t that surprising seeing as how athletes with disabilities aren’t featured as much in the media (Rees, … Continue reading


Similar to how a teacher can get greater buy in from students into learning strategies that seem harder if they explain why (at least that's been my experience), people may be more likely to support climate change policies with a higher personal cost if they understand why that action matters. Read more on my blog for this week (link in bio)
As a massive heat wave rocks much of western Canada my thoughts have turned to all the things we'll lose unless we take action on climate change and it's more than just some intrinsically valuable nature
Not only is concrete environmentally costly, it wears out leaving us with giant potholes and cracked foundations. But a new way to stress test and some exploring with carbon nanoparticles shows potential for creating more durable materials. Read more on my blog.
I love seeing snags, or standing dead trees, because they are a great place to spot wildlife. But as sea levels rise coastal forests are dying and that's a problem because, while living trees store carbon, dying trees release it largely through small releases. Learn more on this week's blog post.
I created a resource for my sustainability students and now I'm sharing it more broadly as part of the open education resource movement. Check out my blog post on why I created it, or link directly to the site from my bio
With the devastating news of 215 children found in unmarked graves at a BC residential school, I went looking for articles about intergenerational trauma. I discovered that this trauma can impact the very DNA that survivors pass to their children.

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