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Handedness and learning and the assumptions we make

The first question people ask me when they find out that my one wrist is basically a disaster at the end of an arm is “are you right or left handed?” I find this question kind of frustrating because there are very few parts of my life which only require one hand. Sure, I can … Continue reading


While the gist of the article is that being dominant pawed is associated with taking longer to learn I explored this a little further in my full blog post, questioning whether those that have a dominant paw may actually be solving a more complex problem because of their situation. Read more by following the newest post link from my profile.
Ever wonder how different animals get through the cold weather. Here are three strategies. Learn more on today's mini post on my blog. Link to the main page from my profile.
Need an excuse to eat spicier food? It may turn on some energy burning tissue that appears to be correlated with lower body weight. Read more in this week's throwback Thursday post on the main page of my site (link in profile).
There's nothing wrong with taking your workout inside when the temperature is, well, ridiculous (sitting at -41°C at the moment); but so long as you wear appropriate clothing for you, the American College of Sports Medicine says it is safe to exercise in "most cold weather environments". Recommendations include dressing in layers, using wicking layers (those that pull moisture away from your body), being extra vigilant ("constant vigilance" - RIP Mad Eye Moody), have warm & dry clothes to change into, and watch for asthma-like symptoms. Stay safe and stay active, inside or out. Side note: photo is from 2013 and while cold that day it didn't compare to today's temperature. Reference: Prevention of Cold Injuries During Exercise - Position Stand 2006
When there just isn't enough snow yet. Near boiling water forms smaller droplets which have high surface area so they freeze quickly and turn to snow. While there are many videos of people trying this trick out, there are also many ER visits from people being burned by the scalding water, so please be careful if you decide to try this out. Check out the post on my site (link in profile) for more infom the physics.
It might not be the most fashionable look, but as #yeg settles in as the coldest spot on Earth, please stay safe! Important things to know about frostbite: -Although exposed skin is at highest risk, covered parts can still develop frostbite -Fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks, and chin are most vulnerable -Numbness is an early symptom, making it difficult to know you're developing frostbite

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