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Predators that don’t hunt?

It hopefully isn’t a surprise to anyone that the natural world is changing. I mean nature changes but as Rachel Carson wrote in Silent Spring nature takes time to change. The rate of human induced change on the other hand happens on much shorter time scales, the consequences of which can be hard to predict. … Continue reading


Happy international red panda day!
I can't see someone trying to hand feed a stereotypically "scary" human. We're taught not to take candy from strangers from a very young age. And yet many people think nothing of having their kid stand next to a wild animal or offering a wild animal food. But there are significant risks both to the human and the animal. Malnutrition, disease, and injuries are all consequences of interacting with tourists. How do we convince people that animals deserve respect and that doesn't come with food or close contact. Read more on my blog
Have you ever wondered about the environmental impacts of health care? I admit that I have, every time I've had surgery in particular. The greenhouse gas emissions are significant but we don't yet have separated data to compare and improve different treatments. This is the topic of this week's blog post. Check it out from my bio.
There are a lot of kids with cancer who participate in the great cycling challenge Canada, which got me wondering if there is any connection between physical activity and cancer outcomes. Learn more on my blog.
This week I took a look at the connections between climate change and cancer as I am riding this month to raise awareness and funds to support kids cancer research. Climate change and cancer have some of the same causes and climate change has the potential to disrupt our healthcare system potentially impacting both cancer research and treatment. Everything is connected.
Representation matters and when it comes to athletes with disabilities the representation is lacking and creates potentially damaging personas. Read more on my blog. Link in my bio.

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