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A person and their cat lying on the grass
Me and my cat Ariel

I am a science, environmental, and outdoor educator and communicator. Unfortunately, I have found that for many reasons – from bad experiences, to lack of familiarity, to discouraging teachers and discriminating (intentionally or otherwise) environments – other people do not always find science and nature as exciting and interesting as I do. As such, I have defined my position as an educator in many different traditional and non-traditional roles. I currently teach sustainability, but I have also taught high school upgrading and post-secondary courses in physics, biology, zoology, and environmental education. I have been a nature and historical interpreter. I have created educational programs, presentations, and resources. And I have managed sustainability incentive and outreach programs.

In my free time I am a certified dragon boat coach and paddler, various other sport enthusiast, musician, and animal lover so you will likely see some of that appear in the questions and topics I investigate.

If you have any questions about the content of this site, or if you would like to submit a science question to have it answered on the site please email me at:


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