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Climate change impacts male and female arctic ground squirrels differently

As we wrap up one of the warmest May’s where I live on record it’s hard not to think about climate change and its impacts. The challenge is a lot of the natural changes are really difficult to notice without data recorded over a long time period. Getting funding for these types of projects can … Continue reading

Culture matters when it comes to winter cycling

I was talking with someone recently who said that all on road bike lanes should only exist for the non-winter months. It doesn’t make sense, in their opinion, to block part of a road off when so few people cycle. The problem is that even fewer people will cycle if there is no infrastructure, so … Continue reading

Why bike to work?

I often get asked why I bike commute. For me, there are multiple factors including getting exercise, having a smaller environmental impact, saving money, avoiding people (both other drivers and other transit riders), and having more control over my schedule. There’s other things too like getting outside and appreciating where I live in a more … Continue reading

Life on the garbage patch

The way currents work in the oceans they have collected plastic waste that has ended up in the ocean into large plastic islands that circulate in particular areas. The great pacific garbage patch, located between California and Hawaii, is the largest collection of ocean plastic in the world at 1.6 million cubic kilometers. While it … Continue reading

Will you cycle more post-pandemic?

I was an avid bike commuter. Then I broke my wrist on a bike commute so I switched to transit. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 I switched back to my bike. This year, I made the switch for winter as well. So, what are the factors that influence someone to ride their bike … Continue reading

Encouraging farmers to participate in conservation might require more women to participate in decision making

Financial incentives are often cited as a means to get farmers to participate in conservation efforts. Pay them to not use toxic pesticides and they might make the shift. The problem is that a lot of solutions to improve conservation in agricultural areas require the cooperation of multiple different people to be effective. These were … Continue reading

A positive story for wildlife and farmers

There are so many stories about the conflict between wildlife and farmers. Each one is trying to make their living and their approaches aren’t always compatible. Burrowing animals create holes that animals like horses and cows can fall in and get injured. Predators can prey on animals on the farm. Herbivores can decimate crops. On … Continue reading

We need to change how we use and recycle plastics to achieve sustainability

Plastics are everywhere. For decades they’ve been cheap and disposable. But plastics are made mostly from crude oil. So between the impacts of the oil and the impacts of the waste plastics, particularly incinerating these wastes, release huge amounts of carbon dioxide. This makes plastic a huge issue for climate change. But, you might ask, … Continue reading

It takes more than adding some fish

Ah, the charismatic megafauna, a curse and a solution. I don’t remember when I first learned this term. I can guarantee it was in an ecology course. Charismatic megafauna are animals, almost always mammals that conservationists think people will care about like bears or caribou. Instead of focusing conservation on improving the entire ecosystem, we … Continue reading

How does cycling volume impact crash statistics?

As a bike commuter I really appreciate a lot of cycling infrastructure. Marked bike lanes are great, and separated paths are typically better, except for one giant caveat: intersections. I am always extra vigilant at intersections, but especially ones where I’m moving from a separated path across the intersection. It definitely feels like drivers don’t … Continue reading

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