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Conservation Basic Income

I’ve investigated universal basic income a bit. This is the idea that everyone gets a basic income regardless of where they work or how much they work. There are probably as many critics as there are supporters. I enjoyed this episode of Poverty Unpacked which discusses the concept and two different use cases. And this … Continue reading

Culture matters when it comes to winter cycling

I was talking with someone recently who said that all on road bike lanes should only exist for the non-winter months. It doesn’t make sense, in their opinion, to block part of a road off when so few people cycle. The problem is that even fewer people will cycle if there is no infrastructure, so … Continue reading

Why bike to work?

I often get asked why I bike commute. For me, there are multiple factors including getting exercise, having a smaller environmental impact, saving money, avoiding people (both other drivers and other transit riders), and having more control over my schedule. There’s other things too like getting outside and appreciating where I live in a more … Continue reading

Life on the garbage patch

The way currents work in the oceans they have collected plastic waste that has ended up in the ocean into large plastic islands that circulate in particular areas. The great pacific garbage patch, located between California and Hawaii, is the largest collection of ocean plastic in the world at 1.6 million cubic kilometers. While it … Continue reading

How does cycling volume impact crash statistics?

As a bike commuter I really appreciate a lot of cycling infrastructure. Marked bike lanes are great, and separated paths are typically better, except for one giant caveat: intersections. I am always extra vigilant at intersections, but especially ones where I’m moving from a separated path across the intersection. It definitely feels like drivers don’t … Continue reading

Using QR codes in education

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be read using a smartphone to, typically, open up a website where they can access more information through websites, photos, videos, etc or activities on different sites such as interactive quizzes or collaborative documents. They’ve become more popular in the last few years for a couple … Continue reading

What is the environmental impact of a sugar substitute?

Sugar substitutes like Stevia are generally promoted as a health choice. They are low or no calorie and are often significantly sweeter allowing people to use less. But while the health effects are continually the subject of research, the environmental impacts have been less well studied. Suckling and colleagues (2023) have attempted to address this … Continue reading

Playing to Learn

I remember playing a game about animal adaptations and survival rates in a bio lab in my first year of university. I remember the general gist of the game and what we learned from it. It’s the only lab I remember from four years of science courses. This was a form of active learning, but … Continue reading

But that’s not climate change, or is it?

It is the start of February and I may have just done my last cross country ski of the season. Grass was poking through everywhere. And the snow is so soft that I push through the track regularly. Don’t get me wrong, we have more cold days coming I’m sure. But increasing freeze thaw cycles … Continue reading

Dealing with low back pain

Originally posted on Dragon Boat Positive:
It seems that low back pain is a relatively common complaint for dragon boaters. This isn’t really surprising, given that 80% of people in the US report experiencing low back pain (LBP) at least once in their lives. Low back pain is often also connected to low back instability…

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