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Wandering Brains

When I was a camp leader we used to joke that the secret to being a good leader was having a shorter attention span than the kids in the camp. I use a variation of this same philosophy in my teaching. I try to use a variety of different approaches to teaching and learning, and … Continue reading

Thinking creatively requires suppressing your brain – sort of

At the work Christmas party yesterday, we were all attempting to come up with the names of specific Christmas carols based on different images. Things like a weigh scale sitting in a manger to represent “Away in a manger”. There was one in particular that I knew I didn’t have correct but I couldn’t stop … Continue reading

Jazz and classical musicians are different

I went to two concerts by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra this weekend. They both featured the symphony playing jazz music with professional jazz musicians. It was interesting to hear the symphony playing jazz style. No offence to any of the symphony musicians, who are all phenomenal, but it seemed like some of them struggled more … Continue reading

Musics activates the reward centre in your brain

I love music. I play music in a concert band and I listen to a lot of music. I also have pretty diverse tastes. There are just a few types that I really don’t enjoy. I wrote a post a while ago that focused on what your music tastes say about your personality; today I’m … Continue reading

Music and my brain

Shuffle mode on my iPod creates some interesting juxtapositions where a comedy A¬†Capella group may be followed by some hard rock ¬†which is subsequently followed by some swing and jazz. So what is it about music that we can like some styles, and I like a lot of styles, and not enjoy others? So, picking … Continue reading

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