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Survival of the ?

When you think about all the things that we will put humans, and even our pets through in order to make sure a bone heals properly you have to wonder if a broken bone for a wild animal is a death sentence. These bones are the same bone (the humerus – upper arm bone) from … Continue reading

Why is it better to break a bone

Up until now I had never broken a bone, but I had damaged soft tissue (ligament and tendon) a number of times. Every time I sprained or tore a ligament people would tell me that I would have been better off to break my bones. Recovering from my second wrist surgery this statement returned to … Continue reading

What I now know about scaphoid fractures

Yep, that’s right I broke my scaphoid. I was commuting to work on my bike (pedal not motor) in June and a car turned towards me. I crashed but didn’t get hit by the car; I still say it was the best possible option. So after walking around for a couple days in a lot … Continue reading

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