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Environmentally responsible cancer treatment?

I made a video for a class project once called Oil is Personal. It followed a character through his day while looking at the positive and negative impacts he had on oil production and use. I ended the video with a question about what your priorities for oil are. Oil impacts many aspects of health … Continue reading

Hair loss and cancer identity

Every couple years my hair is long enough that I cut enough off to donate to programs that provide wigs to cancer patients. This past weekend was my most recent of these fairly significant hair cuts (ended up being 13 inches), and while I may be struggling a bit with hair that no longer fits … Continue reading

Pregnancy hormone as a symptom of prostate cancer, what?

It’s Movember! A month geared towards raising awareness of men’s health issues. The focus is particularly on prostate and testicular cancers and mental health awareness. However, because men typically have a shorter life span than women (4 years on average in Canada), and are more reluctant to talk about their health, both mental and physical, … Continue reading

Species focus – Sharks and cancer

I am a shark freak. I love them. I want to climb into a shark cage and see a great white up close. I read books about sharks, and I don’t just watch shark shows during Shark Week. Aside from some still prevalent fear of sharks and mindless person-eaters, one of the things that has … Continue reading

da Vinci Surgery system

Someone close to my family passed away this summer of cancer. In lieu of flowers her family asked for donations to help fund a new da Vinci Surgery robot for the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. Being me, I wanted to know what made this robot special. The da Vinci Surgery system features a 3D-High … Continue reading

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