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Can I increase my vitamin D intake with eggs?

The other day, I went down a rabbit hole trying to find out if there were any differences between brown and white eggs. They are laid by different types of chickens and traditionally the hens that laid brown eggs were bigger and therefore cost more to feed, hence the price difference that got passed to … Continue reading

The science of creating the perfect dyed Easter egg

I thought I’d do a little experiment to check out how vinegar or a weak acid affects dying eggs with food colouring. The recipe I’ve seen most often is a teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of water so I used this recipe, but I added two other tests: just water and half water and … Continue reading

Raw or cooked eggs?

I am not a raw egg eater (drinker?). I don’t plan to become one, regardless of the outcome of my research for this post. However, I heard a discussion about eating raw versus cooked eggs. The advocate of raw eggs used the argument that the proteins are more available to humans in the raw egg, which … Continue reading

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