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Inflammation and strength

As I’m still recovering from three years of a wrist disaster I’m working on building my strength back up. But my physio said something this morning that I found quite intriguing. Basically, if you try to strength train while you have lots of inflammation it’s like hitting the start button on a machine when the … Continue reading

Asthma, neurons, and the immune system

I still remember my first asthma attack. It’s a pretty terrifying feeling and one that I have worked hard against. The more I improve my cardiovascular system, the harder I’m able to push without feeling asthma’s grasp. But I’m lucky. I am able to train and improve but asthma can be debilitating. And while we … Continue reading

Injuries and arthritis

I’ve heard it a lot:”Oh, you injured x, you’ll get arthritis there for sure.” So, are injuries truly connected with arthritis? are some injuries more likely to be related? and is there anything that can be done? It seems like this is such a common sense relationship that it isn’t worth asking the question about … Continue reading

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