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Learning two tasks is better than one

When you are learning new skills it makes sense that you learn one before you learn the next, but I find this is rarely how we do things in practice. As a figure skater I was always learning multiple skills: jumps, spins, field moves, and edges were all part of lessons and practice sessions. Learning … Continue reading

Being a better learner

As a teacher I’m always on the look out for strategies that can improve learning. Also as a teacher, I’m constantly learning. I have definitely taught some topics that I am not an expert in. But, as I go to learn that topic, I learn it with the idea that I have to teach it. … Continue reading

Affected by climate change – Pikas

I once spent an entire day observing pikas for a research course. After a full day of recording whether our particular animal was running, sitting, eating, calling, watching, etc, I was either going to leave despising them or loving them: I don’t think it is possible to despise them. I will still spend hours trying to photograph … Continue reading

Music and my brain

Shuffle mode on my iPod creates some interesting juxtapositions where a comedy A¬†Capella group may be followed by some hard rock ¬†which is subsequently followed by some swing and jazz. So what is it about music that we can like some styles, and I like a lot of styles, and not enjoy others? So, picking … Continue reading

Who do you learn from?

I used to work with a sulfur crested cockatoo named Sydney. He and I had a great relationship, I would take him travelling to schools. We would sit together in an empty classroom at lunch and share some memories and some peapods. When I walked into the room where he lived he would always come … Continue reading

Starting the new school semester with a power pose

Ted Talk – Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are In her Ted Talk Cuddy starts by talking about how different students shaped their bodies in the business classroom but as a post secondary instructor for the last several years I think this could be taken further into the classroom. If power poses … Continue reading

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