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Should I be having spinach in my smoothie?

I get spinach to use in salads, but I don’t often use enough to use it all up. In an attempt to reduce food waste I started adding the spinach to my smoothie in the morning. But then I fell down the internet rabbit hole of health advice. The number of different messages about raw … Continue reading

It’s not just figure skaters and gymnasts

As a figure skater I was pretty aware of how unreasonable societal and sport pressures can have pretty significant negative effects on the health of female athletes. Amenorrhoea, low bone mineral density, and low energy availability are all concerns due to high energy expenditure and low energy intake due to pressures to be thin and … Continue reading

Raw or cooked eggs?

I am not a raw egg eater (drinker?). I don’t plan to become one, regardless of the outcome of my research for this post. However, I heard a discussion about eating raw versus cooked eggs. The advocate of raw eggs used the argument that the proteins are more available to humans in the raw egg, which … Continue reading

Confession – I always have a nighttime snack.

I need to have a snack before bed. Otherwise I lay awake thinking about how hungry I am, wake up in the middle of the night grumpy about life, and barely make it to breakfast in the morning. Eating it does not stop me from eating breakfast. It does let me take a little longer … Continue reading

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