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Why do they succeed or fail?

The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing and I’m entirely addicted. I watch everything. Sure, I have my favourites but I will watch almost any sport. I’m always interested when they talk to athletes, both those who have medaled and those who haven’t. I want to know what goes on in their brains and … Continue reading

Who is responsible for success and failure?

Recently I was learning about attribution theory, and how it relates to sports. Attribution theory relates to how and why people explain events in the way they do. This becomes self-serving attribution theory when we look at people’s success and failure. You are responsible for your own success – for example, athletes (particularly male athletes) … Continue reading

Ritual in sports

Watching the Olympics it is interesting to see the pre- and post-performance rituals that many athletes perform and think about all the ones we don’t know of. Canadian diver Jennifer Abel talked about her ritual with her chamois¬†before she dives, and the fact that she keeps the same chamois¬†for an entire Olympic cycle. Other athletes … Continue reading

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