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What factors contribute to environmental concern?

I can’t tell you how many papers I have read about the sources of pro-environmental concern or attitudes. If we could figure this out then it could be easier to design information materials intended to encourage pro-environmental behaviours. But there are a lot of factors at play. And they intermingle with each other in ways … Continue reading

Communicating the reality of climate change without triggering hopelessness

This was a key theme in my doctoral research. Based on research that existed at the time, messages about climate change that portrayed the devastation occurring elsewhere didn’t really trigger a response. It was both too far away and too overwhelming. As a result, I focused my research on picturing (my participants took photos) climate … Continue reading

Living sustainably and well being

I have been using the SuperBetter app for the last few weeks. In it, you earn points (which you can do nothing with) by activating power ups (things like getting tasks done early or reaching out to a friend or family member). There are also quests to o and enemies to face. I won’t go … Continue reading

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