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Birds that change colours AND wear snowshoes

I find ptarmigan quite fascinating. They live in alpine and tundra areas. These areas are not typically bird habitat, but ptarmigan like grouse primarily live on the ground. They walk around foraging for plants and occasional insects. They will live in these barren areas all year round, so it isn’t surprising that they are well … Continue reading

Species focus – Northern Mockingbird

It seems fitting, with the third installment of The Hunger Games “Mockingjay” coming out, to look into the actual mockingbird. I admit that I had to look up mockingbird biology, but that isn’t really surprising considering they are not local or even regional. The Northern Mockingbird lives in the US and Ontario south to southern … Continue reading

Species focus – Bighorn Sheep

Perhaps one of the most common animals to see in Banff and Jasper National Parks is the Bighorn Sheep. ¬†They often hang out close to the roads and in the parking lots, making photos of these guys a pretty common commodity. This one was one of three hanging out next to the highway in May … Continue reading

Species focus – Tasmanian Devils

Okay, so a Tasmanian Devil might seem like an odd choice for someone born and raised in Canada, but I have relatives in Australia and I went there once when I was a kid. When I was there we had a rather eventful experience with Tasmanian Devils. We went to a wildlife park and the … Continue reading

Wolves are a vital part of the ecosystem

I was watching the local news a few days ago and was stunned to hear a story of local farmers and ranchers wanting wolves removed from the ecosystem. I have sympathy for the individuals. I understand that the wolves affect their livelihood. I think one of the issues here, and with so many similar cases … Continue reading

Species focus – Nudibranchs

Nudibranchs are unbelievably cool, with vibrant colours and odd shapes they really do look like aliens of the ocean. They are, in fact, a type of mollusc, which includes clams, snails, and octopus. Their name in latin means naked gills, which is what gives them the strange body forms as the gills take different shapes … Continue reading

Species focus – Sharks and cancer

I am a shark freak. I love them. I want to climb into a shark cage and see a great white up close. I read books about sharks, and I don’t just watch shark shows during Shark Week. Aside from some still prevalent fear of sharks and mindless person-eaters, one of the things that has … Continue reading

Affected by climate change – Pikas

I once spent an entire day observing pikas for a research course. After a full day of recording whether our particular animal was running, sitting, eating, calling, watching, etc, I was either going to leave despising them or loving them: I don’t think it is possible to despise them. I will still spend hours trying to photograph … Continue reading

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