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Be more honest: swear

I’ve been in several meetings/discussions recently where individuals have unintentionally said swear words. It generally happens when they are getting excited or passionate. They then apologize for their language because it “isn’t professional”, but apparently, it is more honest. Gilad Feldman, Huiwen Lian, Michal Kosinski, and David Stillwell (2017) examined the connection between swearing and … Continue reading

How does swearing increase pain tolerance?

So, I have heard that swearing increases pain tolerance. The MythBusters even did an episode on this. It’s an interesting effect. Basically, the original study tested how long people could keep their hand in ice water while reciting non-swear words vs swear words. Swearing increased pain tolerance, decreased pain perception, and increased heart rate.¬†Another study … Continue reading

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