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The role of climate change in the current pandemic

Most of the discussion around climate change and the current pandemic focuses on how actions to combat climate change have been set back by the battle against the covid-19 pandemic or perhaps the opportunity to integrate climate policy into the global and local recovery plans. But research by Beyer, Manica, and Mora (2021) indicates that … Continue reading

What exactly is a virus?

Typically, when I taught the characteristics of life I would mention that viruses mess with our understanding of life but wouldn’t go much further, it was outside the scope of the course. For obvious reasons — ie the current covid-19 pandemic– I’ve been thinking about the tiny little virus and its tenacity for life, wrapped … Continue reading


The Zika virus is spread via mosquito bites and usually results in a mild illness that includes fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes (conjunctivitis) (CDC).¬†However, preliminary data from Brazil shows a connection between rates of pregnancy complications including microcephaly and Zika virus infections. First, it is important to note¬†that this is still preliminary data. … Continue reading

Should I get the flu vaccine?

Typically speaking I don’t get the flu vaccine. I cling to older guidelines that indicate that it is most necessary for the young, the old, and the otherwise compromised. However, a recent Nova episode on vaccines has forced me to think. Now I should start with the fact that I am totally for vaccination. I … Continue reading

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