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Electrons want to be couch potatoes too

The electrons, negatively charged particles, in an atom “want” to be at their ground state: the lowest level of energy possible for them, kind of like you hanging out on your couch reading blog posts. However, like you, the electrons can get more energy, or be excited, by things they eat. . Okay, so I … Continue reading

The origin of elements

Check out this article about the periodic table that two astronomers modified to show the origins of the different elements in your body. https://www.sciencealert.com/this-awesome-periodic-table-shows-the-origins-of-every-atom-in-your-body

Science Videos that Rock

I’m a big fan of not reinventing the wheel. I also believe that using a multitude of tools and resources is valuable for all learners. As a consequence, I use a lot of resources developed by other people when I teach. I thought I would share some of those here. Crash Course – created by … Continue reading

Who is Mars opposing?

Guest post by Alex Diaz Like every other planet in our solar system, Mars orbits the Sun. But Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun while as Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun. This means that Earth is closer to the Sun than Mars. In the time it takes Earth to complete … Continue reading

The transit of mercury

Guest post by Alex Diaz Whenever 2 objects get really close together, you can bet an Astronomer will know about it and use everything that they have at their disposal to study such wondrous events. The transit of Mercury occurred last week on May 9 and it was one of the 13 transits it will … Continue reading

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