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Muscle mass and rehab after casting

In a previous post I talked about scaphoid fractures. Mine has been a very long journey. I broke my scaphoid 21 weeks ago and for most of that 21 weeks my wrist has been immobilized either in a cast or a splint. What’s more is that for scaphoid fractures they include your thumb in the … Continue reading

Phosphorus: A vital mineral we never think of

I’ve never given much thought to phosphorus. It isn’t one of the minerals that we are told to supplement. The reason is that most of us get enough phosphorus through our diets already. No supplement needed. And too much phosphorus can have negative consequences. High phosphorus levels are linked with cardiovascular disease and long term … Continue reading

What I now know about scaphoid fractures

Yep, that’s right I broke my scaphoid. I was commuting to work on my bike (pedal not motor) in June and a car turned towards me. I crashed but didn’t get hit by the car; I still say it was the best possible option. So after walking around for a couple days in a lot … Continue reading

Are there gender differences in how we perceive temperatures?

I’m busy working away the other day when one of my coworkers stops short. All the other women working in my office space are in sweaters and have extra space heaters. I, on the other hand, am sitting in a sleeveless top quite comfortably. My coworker said that I gave credence to the guys who … Continue reading

Breast Cancer and Dragon Boating

With October being breast cancer awareness month it seemed fitting to write about the connections between breast cancer and dragon boating. At every festival I have attended there are teams of breast cancer survivors. There are breast cancer survivor challenge races, flower ceremonies, and generally not a lot of dry eyes. But how did the … Continue reading

Why you have to give it your all on the way to the start line.

During my first couple years of dragon boating I messed up. I would do the dry land warm up with the team and then hang around in marshalling until it was our time to go down to the boats. Then when we finally got on the water I would hold back the entire way to … Continue reading

What makes hummingbirds special?

I spent some time out at the Haselwood Inn Bed & Breakfast┬áthis weekend, where with a little help from a hummingbird feeder, some pretty nice flowers, and thirteen acres of natural landscape, the ruby-throated hummingbirds are prevalent. Apparently last weekend there was a migration through the property. What is it about these tiny birds that … Continue reading

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