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The tree with an identity crisis

Tamaracks are great trees in my opinion because they are a deciduous coniferous tree. They seemed appropriate to write about after last week’s post about why leaves change colour in the fall. Tamaracks do not have leaves — they have needles, and reproduce with cones, like coniferous trees — but they do change colour and … Continue reading

Meet a tree

After a bout of food poisoning this weekend this will be a short one. It is interesting how often I am asked how to tell different conifers (trees that produce cones) apart. After years of teaching science and nature this is my quick and dirty guide. It is by no means my intellectual property; I … Continue reading

Affected by climate change – Alberta’s Biodiversity

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute released a new report in June 2014 assessing the climate change vulnerability of Alberta’s land based plants and animals. 173 species were examined regarding their┬ásensitivity, exposure to risk, and ability to adapt. Not surprisingly, amphibians are considered to be most vulnerable to climate change. This makes sense because humans create … Continue reading

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