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Why can’t I get the last little bit out of the container?

I am money conscious and waste conscious. When I am buying things in containers I will do things like buy the 1 L bottle of shampoo, rather than having to buy more of the smaller containers. It is generally cheaper to buy more and produces less waste; so long as I can use it before it expires it makes sense. But there is something else about buying things in containers that is driving me insane.

Okay, I get it, you want your product to stand out. But why does that have to include putting it into an impractical container that I have absolutely zero hope of getting everything out of. My knuckles are covered, I’m bending my knife, I’m banging and shaking the bottle.

This is ridiculous. Somebody please do some research and find the best containers for different products. What shape of container works best for spreads like nut butters, liquids like salad dressings, honey, and pasta sauce? Then use those containers and make all of our lives easier. Sure we might have to buy one less container of your product every year, but you can claim that your container has made you more environmentally friendly. After all, there are bottled water manufacturers who have made such claims just by shrinking the lid into something that is virtually non-existent.

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2 thoughts on “Why can’t I get the last little bit out of the container?

  1. A good trick for stubborn bottles and the like is to hold it upside down in one hand then shake it as you normally would, but let your wrist collide with the other wrist to create inertia!


    Posted by Alexicon | October 2, 2014, 10:57 am

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