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Green Christmas Wrapping

I love wrapping gifts, so I always struggle with the environmental impact of it. I do things like reuse some types of wrapping paper year after year – we had some metallic paper that worked really well for this, use cloth bags that someone made me, use regular gift bags. But these are all pretty … Continue reading

Affected by climate change – Alberta’s Biodiversity

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute released a new report in June 2014 assessing the climate change vulnerability of Alberta’s land based plants and animals. 173 species were examined regarding their┬ásensitivity, exposure to risk, and ability to adapt. Not surprisingly, amphibians are considered to be most vulnerable to climate change. This makes sense because humans create … Continue reading

Trying to find enough

When I used to talk to kids about burrowing owls I couldn’t help but talk about the relationship between the owls and farmers. I would talk about how they were both trying to make their way in the world, working to meet their own needs and this brought them into conflict with each other as … Continue reading

Why can’t I get the last little bit out of the container?

I am money conscious and waste conscious. When I am buying things in containers I will do things like buy the 1 L bottle of shampoo, rather than having to buy more of the smaller containers. It is generally cheaper to buy more and produces less waste; so long as I can use it before … Continue reading

Finding urban nature

I used to take people on voyageur canoe trips down the North Saskatchewan River Valley in Edmonton. Today, I paddle and coach dragon boats on the river. I bike through the river valley on a regular basis, both commuting and for recreation. I meet friends in the river valley parks for campfires and walks. And … Continue reading

A week for action on climate change

On Tuesday the United Nations is hosting Climate Summit 2014 in New York. It is supposed to be a chance for world leaders to lay some groundwork before a conference in 2015 which aims to create legally-binding climate change regulations. Today, many cities around the world have seen Climate Marches, in which people show their … Continue reading

On the bright side

Fall is a bit unfair. It teases us about the end of summer. The temperature drops, the days get shorter, the leaves change colour and technically it is still two days before the end of summer. Winter is coming and regardless of whether or not you like winter, which I do, it is still hard … Continue reading

5 things to do this week to reduce your impact

Instead of posting everyday this week, and to open up some space for some other posts I’ve been thinking about, here are 5 things that I am going to do this week, or have already done, it is Monday after all, to be greener. Meatless Monday (or whatever day) I’ve had a lot of kids … Continue reading

How will climate change affect your life?

Upworthy is hosting a twitter chat tomorrow, September 15 at 11 am ET. Their question is how will climate change affect your life? Which makes me ask, how has climate change already affected my life? As I have posted before, you can’t say a single weather event is directly caused by climate change so I’m … Continue reading

The coffee mug enigma

I carry a reusable mug with me whenever I know I am going, or think I might go, to a coffee shop. I do not have coffee coursing through my veins. In fact there are very few warm drinks I can have due to a sensitivity to caffeine. So perhaps this is not as virtuous … Continue reading

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