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Quick tips for quicker showers

I’m still recovering from my second surgery on my broken/torn wrist. With a cast that includes my thumb and goes well past my elbow, typing is not topping my list of things to do. So I thought I would write briefly about water.

Alberta is one of the driest provinces in Canada but we have a definite disconnect. And I don’t think we are alone. Very rarely are we confronted by signs of water shortages. As a result, we are not inspired to think outside the box about how we use water. But water usage and water shortages should be of concern. Just consider that every drop of water that goes through our taps has to be treated before and after. That costs money, and wastes a large amount of water. So, some quick thoughts on using less water without buying new equipment or appliances.

  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge – Don’t have to run the tap until the water is cold
  • Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth
  • You can even, dare I say it, turn the water off in your shower while you are soaping, and turn it back on to rinse
  • Put a little bit of water in the bottom of the sink or in a smaller container in the tub to rinse your razor while you shave – this actually works better
  • Fill a pop bottle with water and put it in the toilet tank

I know there are many that I’m missing, and hopefully soon I can look more into the psychology of the disconnect, but in the meantime feel free to add your own suggestions to the comments.

About Tai Munro

I am passionate about making science, sustainability, and sport accessible through engaging information and activities.


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