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Daylight savings time

After a painful start to the week with daylight savings time, I thought it was appropriate to bring this back. Sadly the proposal to get rid of daylight savings in Alberta lost.

Connecting with Science

I don’t like daylight savings time. Actually, to be more accurate, I prefer daylight savings time (DST) but don’t like switching on and off of it. So with the time change this past weekend I decided to look into the benefits, or lack thereof.

Switching from DST to standard time is associated with an 11% increase in episodes of depression. Switching the other direction didn’t seem to have an impact.Hansen et all 2016

Kuehnle and Wunder(2014), on the other hand, found that the spring change is associated with a decrease in life satisfaction for about a week following the change. This was more apparent in households with young children.
Jiddou et all (2013)founda very moderate (~1%) increase in the rate of myocardial infarction (heart attack) immediately following the spring time change and a small decrease immediately after the fall change. This pattern was also found in a…

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