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Magic Mondays: Separating Fats and Dancing Milk

Here’s the second Magic Monday post. I’m also thrilled to announce that you can purchase all 8 potions right now for just $5 CA and all the proceeds from sales before Christmas will be donated to the Alberta Science Network. Purchase potions book and muggle guide.

Actual Recipe

2 % or Whole Milk

Food colouring

Dish soap

Potion Recipe

Milk in a bowl with smears and patterns of red and green food colouring

Magic Milk

Milk (muggle drink, comes from cows)

Leprechaun Elixir, different colours

Dragon Spit


Pour milk into shallow dish or bowl.

Add a few drops of leprechaun elixir in different spots.

Dip pygmy puff stick in dragon spit and touch to the surface of the milk in the centre.

Watch what happens.

The science behind the magic

This dish soap causes the fat and the water in the milk to separate creating the motion that moves the food colouring around.

Note: With any experiment that involves using food in a way that it won’t be edible, i want to acknowledge the privilege that enables me and others to do this. Please consider how much milk you need to use to check this out and consider taking a video so you can watch it again, rather than use more milk.

About Tai Munro

I am passionate about making science, sustainability, and sport accessible through engaging information and activities.


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