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The things we don’t notice…

As I have mentioned in previous posts I kind of destroyed my wrist. As a result of my ongoing saga, I’m getting pretty good at doing things one handed. Most things don’t even phase me anymore. The things that do phase me are when seemingly innocent signage, statements, or requirements make me feel excluded. Case and point, the sign on all of our paper towel dispensers.Pull with both hands

But here’s the thing, if something as small as that sign frustrates me with my (hopefully) temporary and relatively minor challenge, how do other people feel who are differently abled when faced by the seemingly innocent statements of what is normal and who doesn’t belong in our society.

I’d like to apologize now for not putting alternative text on all my images. I will get better

I did a program for a group once and I found out that one of the group was in a wheelchair, so I set out chairs for everyone rather than having them sit on mats on the floor. That way everyone was at the same level. Apparently I was the first person to ever do that for that group.

I had a participant in a program once with severe dietary restrictions, so we made snacks that everyone including the individual could eat. Again, first time it had happened.

Those were small actions I could do to help someone feel like one of the crowd. As much as we all want to stand out and be unique, there are times when that uniqueness is thrown in our faces, it isn’t a positive at that moment.

Please take the time to consider what small things need to change so that everyone can feel like the in crowd.

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